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Calling all Pilots, Maintainers, Support Staff, Lecturers, Students, Small Operators, Big Operators, Legislators, Auditors, Instructors, Air Traffic Controllers, Enthusiasts - in fact all Aviation Professionals and Aviation Enthusiasts!

2022's conference is over but stay tuned for more from Professionals Under Pressure Soon!

Join us from 0830, Saturday 26th February 2022 at the Toowoomba City Golf Club to honour Robert Dull (tragically lost in an aircraft accident in early 2020 and whose son Nathan is one of the presenters at the conference) with a day of human factors sessions aimed at helping us better understand and better manage pressure and stress.

With keynote addresses from Greg Hood (recently retired as the head of the ATSB) and Dr. Kate Manderson (CASA's Principal Medical Officer) with follow up sessions from industry professionals on situational self-awareness, decision making neuroscience, trauma effects and peer support this conference will give you a humanity-refreshing perspective you can't do without!

All this for only 35 dollars (with all profits going to LifeFlight Rescue) So apart from lunch and plenty of refreshments throughout the day what does this get you:

0830-0900 Meet and Greet (seated by 0850) with a special message from Nathan Dull and why we're here

0900 - 0940 There But For the Grace Go I… Personal Reflections on Aviation Accidents and Investigations - Mr. Greg Hood, Chief Commissioner (ret’d), Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

0940 - 1020 Post Traumatic Strengthening: The CASA Medical Perspective - Dr. Kate Manderson, CASA Principle Medical Officer

1020-1050 Morning Tea

1050-1140 Neuroscience & Decision Making in Trauma and Startle - Mr. Ian Goldsmith, Ms. Tarryn Ryan Part 1- The Theory

1140-1230 ‘What am I Doing Here?’: Reflections on Situational Self-Awareness from (not my best) moment as a Rescue Pilot - Mr. Adrian Park

1230-1330 Lunch

1330-1400 Neuroscience & Decision Making in Trauma and Startle - Mr. Ian Goldsmith, Ms. Tarryn Ryan Part 2 - A Practical Exercise.

1400-1520 Panel: Stories, Perspectives and Discussions from the Frontlines: Greg Hood, Dr, Kate Manderson, Laurie Shaw, Adrian Park, Tarryn Ryan, Nathan Dull

1520-1540 Afternoon Tea

1540-1610 **Community Connections Through A Critical Incident Management Lens - Mr. Ian Goldsmith, Mr. Laurie Shaw,

1610-1655 Redefining Normal Mr. Nathan Dull and Mr. Jamie Dull

1655-1700 Close Ms. Tarryn Ryan, Mr. Ian Goldsmith, Mr. Adrian Park, Mr. Nathan Dull and Mr. Laurie Shaw,